Wolfgang Löffler
Room HL906
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Marcel Rost
Research technician
Room HL709a
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Harmen van der Meer
Fine-mechanical engineer (FMD)
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Henriette van Leeuwen
Administrative support
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Paul Hilaire
Postdoctoral researcher

Petr Steindl
PhD researcher
Room HL916c
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Matteo Fisicaro
PhD researcher
Room HL902

Lipeng Wan
PhD researcher
Room HL907

Kirsten Kanneworff
PhD researcher
Room HL916a

Mio Poortvliet
Research student

Roya Ahemeh
MSc student

Lisa van Leeuwen
MSc student

Joost Vermeer
MSc student

Jasper van der Boom
BSc student

Former members

Year Name Comments Pic
BSc, 2021 Tessa van der Ent Polarized cavity-enhanced quantum dot-based single-photon generation
BSc, 2021 Renze Suters Numerical simulations of interdigital transducers for surface acoustic wave generation
BSc, 2021 Pim Veefkind Towards Quantum Key Recycling using Photonic Spatial Modes
BSc, 2021 Benjamin Claus Virtual Physics Experiments: Grating-Based Spectroscopy
BSc, 2021 Maureen Hylkema The Virtual Double Slit Experiment
BSc, 2021 Killian Verder Multiphoton decoy states for BB84 with acousto-optical modulation
BSc, 2021 Tim Hogendoorn The effects of disturbances on the Hanbury Brown-Twiss experiment
MSc, 2021 Alicja Dutkiewicz Creating arbitrary polarisation states with Liquid Crystal Variable Retarders
MSc, 2021 Victoria Domínguez Tubío Beam splitter based scheme for generation of displaced Fock states
Intern, 2021 Leo Reinders Fiber coupling and characterization of a single photon detector
Bsc, 2021 Florine de Villeneuve Towards a helioscope based on a tunable ball lens
MSc, 2020 Kirsten Kanneworff Towards Experimental Quantum Position Verification
MSc, 2020 Giel Keijsers Rotation-induced Localization of Light in Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals, now at AMOLF
BSc, 2020 Daan Otto The Coherent Relative Entropy and the Work Cost of Quantum Processes
BSc, 2020 Mio Poortvliet High Gain Spatial Photon Correlations
BSc, 2020 David Rug Exploring Novel Approaches to Quantum State Tomography
2020 Daniel Pret Visiting teacher
BSc, 2020 Jonathan Pilgram Towards finding structure in a chaotic sea of light
MSc, 2019 Guido Stam Strongly focused vortices and pinhole scanning microscopy
MSc, 2019 Jeroen van Doorn An investigation of the plane-concave Fabry Perot cavity
2019 Henk Snijders Postdoctoral researcher, now at Quix
2019 Sharafudeen K. N. Visiting researcher
MSc, 2019 Angelique van Vark Towards single photon spectroscopy
MSc, 2019 Gerard Westra Quantum entangled single photons with partial distinguishability
BSc, 2019 Edward Hissink Photonic cluster states with quantum dots
BSc, 2019 Sacha Szkudlarek The simulation of a plane-concave Fabry-Perot micro-cavity
BSc, 2019 Andreas Lepidis On Quadripartite Entanglement in High-Dimensional Hilbert Space
BSc, 2019 Charlie Bender Towards 4-photon OAM entanglement experiments
BSc, 2019 Sam Woldringh Analogies of Positronium & Quantum Dot Excitons
MSc, 2019Konstantin Iakovlev Generation of Linear Cluster States with a Deterministic Single Photon Source
MSc, 2018Sameer Sonar Multimode Optomechanics with a Membrane-in-the-middle System
BSc, 2018 Steven Riedijk Rabi oscillations in a cavity-quantum dot system
BSc, 2018 Daan Barsukoff Poniatowsky Photonic cluster states with quantum dot cavity QED
BSc, 2018 Thomas Steenbergen Thermal conductivity measurements of nanometer-thick SiN membranes
MSc, 2017 Elger Vlieg A membrane-in-the-middle device for optomechanics
MSc, 2017 David Kok Single photons and coherent light in polarized quantum dot cavity QED
MSc, 2017 Marnix van de Stolpe Optimizing the polarization for a brighter CQED single photon source
MSc, 2017 Vincent Post Towards fiber coupled cavity quantum electrodynamics, now at Condi Food
BSc, 2017 Andreani Petrou Singular light knots
BSc, 2017 Jimi de Haan Spectroscopic Study of Ytterbium in Amorphous Silicon Nitride
BSc, 2016 David van Driel Magnetic-field enhanced coherence in Ytterbium-doped ring resonators at millikelvin temperatures
MSc, 2015 Marios Kounalakis Generation and Characterisation of Picosecond Laser Pulses
BSc, 2013 Jeroen van Gorsel Vortex splitting and vortex coronography
BSc, 2013 Danny Hetharia Spatial coherence and the orbital angular momentum of light in astronomy
MSc, 2012 Daniël Geelen Detecting Correlations of High-Dimensional Spatially Entangled Photons using Phase-only Modulation, now at Condi Food
MSc, 2012 Francesco Ricci Experimental study of phase singularities in optical beams carrying orbital angular momentum