MSc/BSc projects

We always have interesting BSc/MSc projects for enthusiastic students, contact Wolfgang or someone else of our group!


I am happy to support PhD (internship) grants if the topic matches our interests, for instance CSC-Leiden University Scholarship.


If you are interested in a postdoc position, and think that our group could be a perfect match for you, please send us an email.

I am also happy to support a scholarship application (VENI grant, Marie Curie).

We are part of the Quantum Software Consortium that is offering 3-year Ada Lovelace Fellowships for post-doctoral research, please contact us for more information!

Postdoc position on single photon human vision

The question whether humans can perceive single photons is a hundred year old question but still largely unanswered; in this project we aim to join expertise in experimental quantum optics (Leiden Institute of Physics) and cognitive neuroscience (Social and Behavioural Sciences Amsterdam) to give a rigorous and statistically sound answer. In this project we will make use of state of the art methods to investigate neural activity (fNIRS etc) and is open for exploration of other ideas. We are looking for a postdoc with an experimental quantum optics background, preferably with experience with single photons and strong motivation for exciting interdisciplinary work!

Please contact Yair Pinto or Wolfgang Löffler for more information